Our students from all around the world have nothing but good things to say about us, but don’t take our word for it – read what they have to say for yourself!

I can now speak fluently and learned to speak with correct grammar. I want to thank my teachers and wish the best of luck to my friends who are heading to UPM. ELS has brought me so many international friends.
- Wan Aqil Itqan
I have had a great time studying here. The teachers are very helpful, loving, kind and intelligent. They strengthen our foundation and shape us to be as good as they are. I also have great classmates from different countries. They are very helpful and make me think in different perspective. They also share a lot about their cultures and beliefs. I am very thankful to have them as my classmates.
- Raja Nur Shahkeerah
tea zi kang
ELS is a really good place for learning English. It gives me a lot of opportunities to meet foreign friends and learn about foreign cultures. In addition, the teachers are very helpful and friendly. The teaching methods in ELS are really fascinating. I enjoy learning English in ELS. Thank you, ELS!
- Tea Zi Kang
eric lim zhong hong
To me, ELS is not just about learning English, it’s about building up my confidence in public speaking!
- Eric Lim Zhong Hong
tan hong sen
I find the teachers here at ELS knowledgeable, committed, serious and humorous.
- Tan Hong Sen
arnold yong cheng yee
The teachers and friends I met at ELS make learning English so welcoming!
- Arnold Yong Cheng Yee
choi yan how
Studying in ELS is really an unforgettable experience in my life, since I have never spoken English before.
- Choi Yan How
parice then lih yiing
I studied at ELS Subang Jaya from 2nd January 2014 to 30th May 2014, after which I transferred to Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) at USA to complete my Engineering Bachelor degree. I had made a good choice by choosing to study English at ELS because I have improved so much in my English proficiency, especially in my speaking skills. In addition, the teachers at ELS are professional and very patient. I am extremely grateful to ELS for opening the doors of opportunity for me to develop my English proficiency and further my studies at USA.
- Parice Then Lih Yiing
au yong jia wei
My experience in ELS was scintillating. Although I only spent 2 months in ELS, I benefitted from the teaching in ELS. The classes were really fun as well. Teachers not only teach according to the syllabus, but they also communicate and talk with the students. It is really good to talk about world politics and social issues with friends as well as teachers.
- Au Yong Jia Wei
minori ota
ELS is an exciting place. We can meet various students from Arabic countries, Chile, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia and many more. Not only can we get used to several accents but also know different cultures. I believe this may be an important experience in today’s world. Moreover, sometimes interesting events are held. We can go to the beach and attend some parties with fantastic people. We have many chances to make new friends in and out of the classroom.
- Minori Ota
choy chern yuen
CIEP is not only a great and useful course but also an enjoyable one. As a 109 student, I strongly recommend SSP class because it really improves and strengthens one’s grammar. Before I enrolled in ELS, I thought my grammar was decent. The teachers very kind and pleasant, they help the students all the time. I never felt confused thanks to the explanations of the teachers. Thank you ELS.
- Choy Chern Yuen
rakjesh paaren
Although I have only been here for one term, I have been given the chance to meet new friends from different parts of the world. I can say in my own words that “CIEP offered in ELS is a beneficial and amazing way to brush up one’s English skills for university.
- Rakjesh Paaren
fong kah chun
There are many good teachers in ELS, especially Teacher Anita, Teacher Gary, and Teacher Sylvia. Their teaching skills are good, and they make the class really fun. ELS is a really good place for learning English, and it has really helped me a lot.
- Fong Kah Chun