Student Mobility

Students who wish to learn English and experience the best of what Malaysia has to offer will be able to find just that in the ELS Holiday English Programme. This course features 4 weeks (or more) of Intensive English classes held Monday through Friday. On weekends, students participate in teacher-led field trips to explore and enjoy some of Malaysia’s modern cities, heritage sites, nature trails and theme parks; while making new friends from around the world.

The focus of the Holiday English programme is on the development of all 4 major language skills; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Classes are student-centred with fun activities and discussions. These are aimed at providing students ample opportunity to practise and improve their English. The programme also nurtures independent learning through award-winning English language software, available to students in the Language Technology Centre.

Key Information

Maximum number of students per class
Duration for each course



ELS subscribes to a student-centred approach which makes for lively, interactive classes; where students engage in:

  • guided discussions
  • small group activities
  • role-play and problem solving exercises

Each student’s progress is carefully evaluated to ensure that they achieve their language goals. The criteria used for evaluation include (but are not limited to) students’ performance in:

  • all language skills during class
  • quizzes
  • homework assignments
  • attendance
Weekday Activities
  1. Supervised activities – sports, games, and events with local and international students.
  2. Local and International Food Excursions, inclusive of transportation. (All other expenses not included).
Weekend Excursions & Trips

Supervised full-day excursions during the weekends (Saturdays and/or Sundays) to KL City, Putrajaya, Malacca, Genting Highlands, Sunway Lagoon. Special tours to specific locations can be arranged for groups. These are inclusive of transportation and meals but other expenses such as entrance fee are not included. Travel insurance is optional.

Reading & Writing (R/W)

Students learn to improve their English reading comprehension and reading speed, while also practising fluent and accurate writing skills.

Skills Enhancement

Consisting of a variety of activities, this module provides students an active learning experience to develop communication skills. There are 3 components offered in a Skills Enhancement class :

  • Customised Learning Support (CLS):
    Small group of classes where students will become more confident in discussions and learn skills such as problem-solving, research, critical thinking and English communication
  • LiveSpeak:
    Students will put into practice speaking and listening skills with an online instructor who will live stream and interact with them in real-time
  • Language Technology Centre (LTC) :
    Students are given independent and flexible access to the online personalised language learning activities developed for each ELS CIEP proficiency level
IELTS Test Preparation

Offered in the Advanced Levels, students will learn the tips and best strategies to tackle the IELTS exam across all four skills.

Sample Schedule