ELS has a wide range of English language programmes that we can customise for Groups, Companies and Professional Organisations. ELS Programmes are registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and are HRDF claimable.
What You Want To Know
  • The Company Training : English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is customised to suit organisations’ respective needs
  • The professional development programmes are tailored for professionals from a wide range of global industries
  • Individual Reports are provided to keep track of participants’ progress
  • All programmes are determined based on the following:
    • A Needs Analysis defining an organisation’s intended goals and scope of training
    • Ujian penempatan for staff members to determine their current level of English proficiency
    • Submission of Programme Proposal based on the Needs Analysis and Placement Test results
    • Actual Training begins after class scheduling and starting dates are selected based on the Organisation’s convenience

Programme Aim

ELS will conduct a Needs Analysis and design a programme based on the client’s goals. The proposed lessons will focus on developing the English language skills needed for career success and professional growth.

Struktur Program


Before commencing with the training, ELS will conduct a pre-course assessment to measure each participant’s English proficiency level. A mid-course or post-course assessment can be included to assess each participant’s learning progress.
Tentang kita

ELS Language Centers Malaysia (ELS Malaysia) adalah francais Pusat Bahasa ELS yang berpusat di AS. Ditubuhkan pada tahun 1990, ELS Malaysia adalah pusat latihan bahasa Inggeris utama negara yang menawarkan gabungan lokasi pengajian universiti-bandar dan pusat bandar yang tidak terkalahkan yang bangga dengan standard akademiknya yang tinggi dan tenaga pengajar yang terlatih secara profesional.


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