Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Raising the Level of English Proficiency in Our Community Throughout the years, ELS has offered educational scholarships, donations, and sponsorship for education programmes to deserving candidates, the underprivileged, charitable organisations, and those in need of financial support for education. Our goal is to build dynamic communities of the future by empowering them with good communication skills in English. With special projects like the School Partnership Programme, the Access Programme with the American Embassy and the ELS Light Up! Initiative, we hope to elevate the level of English proficiency among students in local secondary schools and universities.

School Partnerships

ELS works with more than 60 schools in Malaysia to provide additional support in terms of student development programmes, teacher training and school facility enhancement. One of most popular activities in the School Partnership Programme is the English Camps that are organised within the school for its students. For more information about the ELS School Partnership Programme, please contact your nearest ELS Centre.

The ELS Light Up! Initiative

ELS Malaysia aims to light up 3,000 homes in rural areas of Malaysia with mini solar LED lamps. Find out more about the ELS Light Up! Initiative.