Workplace English Programme

The Workplace English Programme will focus on the language skills you will need to be a better communicator at work and in your daily life.
Benefits of learning online with ELS
Join our teacher-led lessons from any location via video-conferencing. With our online lessons, you will enjoy face-to-face interactions with your teacher and fellow course-mates who are working adults like you.

Programme Features

  • Small class sizes (up to 6 students per class)
  • Open to people with varying levels of proficiency (Elementary to Advanced)
  • 6 levels of classes (6 weeks per level)
  • Instant feedback & guidance from our qualified instructor
  • Collaborative learning with your course mates
  • Digital resources and online practices for extended learning after classes

Learn English in a professional context

  • Improve your grammar for everyday workplace conversation and writing
  • Communicate confidently with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Write clearly and effectively in reports, emails and other business correspondence.
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