The Chinese New Year Lion Dance 2013 at ELS Subang Jaya

The Lion dance is an important part of traditional Chinese festivities, especially Chinese New Year, and it is thought to bring good luck and scare away evil spirits. On 19th of February 2013 (Thursday), ELS Subang Jaya had a performance by a Lion Dance troupe at the center. The students were extremely excited about watching the various acts of the troupe. Many of them took photos and videos of the dance. As the lions went in to the main parts of the building, our center director, Wensan fed red packets called “Ang Pau” with some money in it to the lions. This is supposed to bring good luck and fortune. The lion dance performance generally depicts a lion hunting for food (vegetables or fruits) along with a red Ang Pau which expresses gratitude for the blessing. Music from the drums and cymbals was quite deafening but that added to the overall excitement. There was also a person dressed up as the laughing Buddha who was clowning around the centre (Buddha is the founder and sacred figurehead of the religion of Buddhism, which is the most predominant religion in China). Some students even learned the dance steps and showed them off to the teachers present. It was an enjoyable afternoon and everyone had lots of fun.

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