Skytrex Shah Alam

The student activity committee had yet another successful activity launched on the 8th of February, 2014. This time around, 35 students from ELS Kuala Lumpur, ELS@UPM and ELS Subang Jaya were taken to ‘Taman Botani’ in Shah Alam where they joined the outdoor activity which required the participants to move from one tree to another while completing series of obstacles which were suspended at 3 meters to 22 meters above ground level. Although tiring and bone breaking, students had a great time in not just completing the obstacles but also in helping to motivate their friends to complete them. The activity started off at around 12pm and ended at 4.30pm. All in all, all the participants had a great time and had big smiles spread across their faces for completing the obstacles. “This was my second student activity and I had a great time meeting students from all the other centres. Skytrex was an awesome experience. I had a great time climbing the trees and doing all the challenges. Some of them were very scary because it was really high up from the ground. I saw my teacher, Santhia climbing and She encouraged me to finish what I started. All the other students also encouraged me to finish the course and we all had a great time. Thank you ELS for the fun activity.” – Ismail Kamal (102) – ELS Kuala Lumpur “Student activity is always fun with teacher Santhia and Syed. My friends and I always join in because they make the activities fun. There were so many new people and we all became like a family when we started the activity. Although it was very tiring and I couldn’t move a muscle after the activity was over, I had to say this was the best thing I did in this whole month. I wish there will be more activities organised by teacher Santhia and Syed because they are fun.” – Haitham Qasem (103) – ELS Kuala Lumpur.

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