Putrajaya Floria Festival 2015

The annual Floria Festival in Putrajaya was back and the theme this year was “Tapestry of Hues”, focusing on Lily flowers as the main attraction. On June 5, the last week of this exhibition, students from ELS@UPM had gathered to experience the glorious festival. On top of that, our Thai students from Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand joined the crowd as well. They were thrilled to join the other students in the short excursion as they get to mingle with students of different nationalities and enjoy the striking views of Putrajaya. The sunny weather turned gloomy and rain started to pour but it did not stop them from embracing the fun! After they were done exploring, they stopped by the bazaar and food court to fill their tummy with a variety of local delicacies!

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