English Outreach Programme 2015

organised by ELS@UPM in collaboration with SMK DESA SERDANG
In April 2015, ELS UPM has carried out the ENGLISH OUTREACH PROGRAMME 2015, a community service project in collaboration with SMK Desa Serdang. The 1-day event was a tremendous success involving all sorts of fun and games, a diversified group of trainers and great prizes for the winners! The express purpose of the event was to initiate a community service outreach program to schools within the vicinity of ELS-UPM as well as to promote interaction and the use of English through fun and interactive sessions among local high school students. The following is a list of activities conducted for the event: a) Let’s Break The Ice! – The English camp began with an ice-breaking session where students are teamed up and showcased their teams through a signature logo and chant. b) Chase Me If You Can (A Scavenger Hunt) – Teams race to complete tasks at 7 different stations. Winners are determined based on a point system. Station Games include: Yoga Selfie, Jumbled Human Words, Pin the Donkey, Finders Keepers, Magazine Hunt, Puzzled, etc. c) We’ve Got Talent (A Talent Show) – Teams come up with and perform a 5-minute talent showcase, evaluated by a panel of judges. Performances include singing, sketches, runway shows and dancing. d) Award Presentation Ceremony – The school organized a prize-giving ceremony to commemorate the winners. Prizes were given to winning teams; certificates were awarded to each participant and tokens of appreciation were given to the trainers who volunteered.

Trainers interacting with the participants – guiding them before they showcase their team and team chant to everyone.

Participants showcasing their team name, signature logo and team chant!

Participants were seen in action and having massive fun during the Scavenger Hunt! Station Games include: Yoga Selfie, Jumbled Human Words, Pin the Donkey, Finders Keepers, Magazine Hunt, Puzzled, etc. Each team is also given an egg each and it is the team members’ responsibility to keep the egg safe throughout the hunt.

The students and judges during the Talent Show. It took a lot of courage for some of them to brave themselves and get up on stage to show the entire school what they’ve got. Thanks to the team who made it all possible!
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