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Message to Students | March 30, 2020

Dear ELS Students,

Over the past 2 weeks, you have been learning from ELS instructors and your fellow students online – filling up our virtual classrooms with your energy and interest in this new learning mode. For that, I would like to thank you for giving all of us here at ELS your trust and we hope to continue to improve your learning experience even though you may not be physically at an ELS centre.

You are not alone in this journey. Every day you are joined by more than 700 ELS students nationwide who are taught by 68 ELS instructors, all online. These students and teachers are together with you through these experiences and we appreciate all your efforts in keeping our average attendance above 90%.

In moving online, ELS Malaysia has adopted the CIEP Programme Structure and Evaluation Criteria prescribed by ELS headquarters in Princeton, to suit the online teaching-learning method while maintaining our programme standards to ensure that our partners like UPM and UTM will continue to recognise our Advanced Levels for university admissions.

To further enhance your learning experience with ELS, you may have noticed some changes in the way we arrange your classes. Now, all online classes have a maximum capacity of 12 students – allowing you more opportunities to interact with your ELS instructors. We have also increased your CLS classes (now held daily), which will have a maximum of 6 students in each class, allowing our instructors to focus on your personal English language learning needs.

This week, all ELS classes across all levels will be enjoying the newly adopted customised textbooks by National Geographic Learning – which are currently shared with you in a digital format. Packaged along with the media-rich and extensive online exercises, we hope that you will enjoy this new form of homework and will find delight in the revamped LTC materials assigned. We still have some improvements to make in integrating the National Geographic online materials with your SunagoLearn account and we hope to make this available to you soon.

As we all do our part by staying at home throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO), we hope to be able to see you and your fellow classmates back at the ELS centres soon. Your well-being is our utmost priority and that is why at times you may receive calls from our counsellors.

For updates on the MCO and ELS operations, visit:

Lastly, please stay safe as we look forward to welcoming you back at ELS Language Centres in the near future.

Movement Control Order Extended & New Features of ELS Online Classes | March 25, 2020

As the world bands together to fight the spread of Covid-19, Malaysia is doing its part by extending its movement control order (MCO) for another 2 weeks until 14th April 2020, as announced by the Prime Minister today.

As a result, ELS will continue to have all of its classes online, and will be based on the framework developed by ELS’s senior academic officers in Princeton and adopted by all ELS centres in North America.

In this system and framework, ELS intends to uphold its promise of quality education that is still highly regarded and recognised by 650 universities and colleges around the world. This includes a robust assessment and evaluation framework that accurately determines the students’ learning progress. ELS students will receive more information about the details of their progress in the coming days.

While the ELS online English classes follow the same structure as the Structure and Speaking and Reading and Writing classes, students can expect to find some exciting initiatives implemented next:

  1. New ELS Textbooks

    ELS partnered with National Geographic Learning to produce custom instructional materials specifically for the Structure and Speaking, and Reading and Writing classes. The textbooks combine the engaging content that National Geographic is famous for, together with comprehensive digital activities and exercises to enhance the learning experience for students both in and outside the classroom.

  2. New Online Activities

    All ELS students will be assigned self-paced study materials and exercises from National Geographic Learning – which are aligned to their new custom-printed ELS textbooks by the same publisher.

Lastly, in the update on 16th March below, it was stated that all face-to-face classes will be replaced. However, given this unprecedented circumstance of an extended MCO, ELS has decided to continue the students’ academic journey and not delay it further. Students are advised to rest assured knowing that all instructors and staff at ELS are working hard to ensure that their academic journey is not unreasonably delayed and that their best interests are always safeguarded.

Over the next few days, more details on this matter will be shared in the online classes.

Movement Control Order & ELS Online Classes | March 16, 2020

As a result, ELS will continue to have all of its classes online, and will be based on the framework developed by ELS’s senior academic officers in Princeton and adopted by all ELS centres in North America.

The Prime Minister announced a movement control order which will begin on Wednesday, 18th March until Tuesday, 31st March. The order has been made as a measure to address the number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. All ELS centres will suspend face-to-face classes and will transition to online instruction.

All face-to-face classes will be replaced at a later date and any updates on its schedule can be found here on the ELS website as well as in our learning portal, SunagoLearn.

During this period, all ELS students are advised to attend our live online classes conducted by ELS instructors from Mondays to Fridays – starting Wednesday 18th March 2020. Students can access these classes by viewing their personal online class schedule, which will be available in the LiveClass portion of SunagoLearn.

Through online communications, ELS students will continue to be in constant contact with our ELS Centre staff and support network throughout this transition.

ELS remains committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our community while continuing to deliver high quality academic programs and student support during this critical time.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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