University Pathways

ELS offers you three pathways towards fulfilling the English language requirement for admission into universities and colleges worldwide.

University Pathways

The ELS University Placement Service provides free counselling and assistance to help you find universities or colleges that best match your educational goals. Based on your academic background, we help you secure conditional admission into your chosen university or college before you even graduate from ELS. So enjoy your English studies with ELS, knowing that your next step is being secured for you.

UPX: University Placement Express

UPX is a comprehensive online University Placement Service application for ELS students. This free service also includes assistance from an ELS counsellor who will help you with online application process. The following are the universities and colleges in Malaysia that recognise the ELS Certified Intensive English Programme with no other proof of English competency (like IELTS or TOEFL) needed.

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Discover University Pathways at over 60 International Locations

Student wishing to continue their further education in the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe can choose to take the ELS Master’s Programme (CIEP Level 110 to 112) in the United States and Canada.