The UPM-ELS Partnership started nearly 20 years ago. It is through the various collaborative projects that both institutions realise the common passion in English language development and have since been dedicated to contributing to the field through its many initiatives.

1995MICELT (Malaysian International Centre for English Language Teaching) Conference
ELS and UPM’s Faculty of Education founded MICELT, an international conference that put Malaysia on the ELT (English Language Teaching) map. Held in Shangri-la’s Rasa Sayang Resort in Penang, the conference was attended by 500 participants and featured international speakers like Rebecca Oxford, David Nunan, Alan Maley and Lorraine Smith.
MICELT Conference (1995)
1997Smart School Seminar
ELS and UPM’s Faculty of Education co-organised an international Smart School conference featuring keynote speaker Gerry Smith, currently a Professional Development Manager at Apple, Inc.
Smart School Seminar (1997)
1998MICELT Conference
ELS and UPM co-organised and co-sponsored the 2nd MICELT Conference, which was opened by then Minister of Education, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak. The conference was attended by 550 professionals and practitioners.
MICELT Conference (1998)
1999ELS-MICELT Scholarship
ELS and UPM started the ELS-MICELT Scholarship that aims to improve the English proficiency among underprivileged Malaysian
ELS MICELT Scholarship (1999)
2000The Millennium MICELT Conference
Attended by 740 participants, ELS and UPM co-organised and co-sponsored the conference in Melaka. The conference was attended by the President of TESOL, Neil Anderson and two past presidents, David Nunan and Joy
The Millennium MICELT Conference (2000)
2002MICELT Conference
ELS and UPM co-organised and co-sponsored the conference held in the Hilton, Seremban, and featured an ELT icon: Professor Diane Larsen-Freeman.
MICELT Conference (2002)
2004MICELT Conference
Held in Hotel Equatorial in Melaka, the conference was attended by nearly 800 participants and was opened by the Minister of Education then, Dato’ Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. ELS and UPM again, co-organised and co-sponsored the conference.
MICELT Conference (2004)
2006MICELT Conference
With 800 participants, the conference featured many of the top names in the international ELT field. Apart from co-organising and co-sponsoring the conference with UPM, ELS also brought in Vince Burns, Centre Director of ELS San Diego and an experienced English instructor to present a workshop at the conference.
MICELT Conference (2006)
2008MICELT Conference
Held at The Royal Adelphi (now Royal Bintang Hotel) in Seremban, the conference had more than 400 participants. In addition to co-organising and co-sponsoring the conference with UPM, ELS also initiated its own workshop series at the conference. The workshops were conducted by experienced ELS instructors and Academic Directors who shared their knowledge and best practices when dealing with various teaching settings.
MICELT Conference (2008)
2009ICELT (International Conference on English Language Teaching)
The ICELT conferences were conceptualised by the Faculty of Educational Studies of UPM and it received full support from ELS due to its unique approach to ELT training. The jointly organised and sponsored conference was held at the Hotel Equatorial in Melaka and saw nearly 500 participants attend.
ICELT (2009)
2010Tun Dr. Mahathir UPM-ELS Scholarship
With the approval of the well renowned ex- Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir, the ELS-MICELT Scholarship was renamed to the Tun Dr. Mahathir UPM-ELS Scholarship, in reflection of his dedication towards developing the English language proficiency in Malaysia.
UPM-ELS Scholarship (2010)
2010MICELT Conference
Co-organised and co-sponsored by UPM and ELS, the conference received nearly 800 participants at its Hotel Equatorial venue. The conference also saw its first Tun Dr. Mahathir UPM-ELS Scholarship awarded to Abdullah Omar and Muhammad ‘Uthman Omar who have both graduated from ELS since.
MICELT Conference (2010)
2011ICELT Conference
Held at the remote sanctuary of Swiss-Garden Golf Resort and Spa Damai Laut, Perak, the conference was attended by nearly 1000 participants from all over the world, which proved to be the best yet. ELS jointly organised and sponsored the conference with UPM. ELS also brought in Prof. Dr. Lucia Buttaro and Dr. Diana Schwinge, from the Ruth S. Ammon School of Education, Adelphi University, New York to conduct highly interactive workshops during the conference. Adelphi University is a University Partner of ELS.
ICELT Conference (2011)
2012ELS@UPM Opens
Seeing the need to enhance the English language proficiency of inbound and existing students in UPM, ELS and UPM embarked on a partnership to provide ELS programmes within the University’s Serdang campus. This on-campus ELS centre is the first ELS centre on a university campus outside of the US.
ELS@UPM 2012
2013ICELL 2013 (International Conference on English Language Learning)
The International Conference on English Language Learning (ICELL) 2013 was held at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang on 15th and 16th November 2013. In conjunction with ELS’s 23rd anniversary, this inaugural international conference served as a platform for language practitioners, scholars, researchers and decision makers to explore and articulate new and practical ideas that affect the ELT classroom, curriculum and language policies. It was also the pre-conference workshop series to UPM’s ICELT 2013 in Melaka.
ICELL 2013
2013ICELT 2013
Once again ELS Malaysia and the Faculty of Educational Studies of UPM collaborated in the International Conference on English Language Teaching. It was held at the Hotel Equatorial in Melaka from 18th – 20th November 2013.
ICELT 2013